Soffies No Face Time

5 Months old. (NOT FOR SALE)

Soffies Ferrari

10 Weeks old (NOT FOR SALE)

Soffies Lula and Logo

Images: logooglula.JPG

New puppies has been born, NOT FOR SALE!

7 weeks old

Soffies Ducati

Images: ducatihjemmeside.JPGNew Year Show – B.O.B B.I.G 2

Fredericia 13/2 – C.A.C

Strøby 19/3 – C.A.C

Tønder (DKK) 3/4 – C.A.C

Hillerød 7/5 C.A.C 
Qualification to Cruft 2012

Vejen 28/5 – CAC B.I.S Junior

Grenaa 22/7 – CAC – BOB – B.I.S 3
Grenaa 23/7 – CAC – B.I.S 2
MR. Super winner 2011
Grenaa 24/7 – CAC – BOS – BOS B.I.S 4
Gold cup 2
Bjerringbro 17-9 CAC CACIB B.O.S
Gørlev 1/10 – CAC – BOB
Gørlev 2/10 – CAC – BOB B.I.S 2
Middelfart d. 20/11 – CAC – BOB – BIS 2
Best Dog og the year 2 in KSS
CLUB Winner

Soffies Queen Bee

Images: Queenbeehjemmeside.JPGFredericia 13/2 B.O.B

CRUFTS. 13/3 C.A.C B.O.B. Toy Group 4

UK. Champion

Strøby 19/3 B.O.B

The question has been asked here if Queen Bee

has set a Crufts record, see below:

This year’s Pomeranian Best of Breed winner

was the beautiful Danish Pomeranian

DK/SE/INT/SK Ch Soffie’s Queen Bee owned by

Mrs V. Jacobsen. This is the third consecutive year

she has won the bitch CC at Crufts. As Queen Bee

Images: queenbeehjemmeside2.JPG

is from Denmark.

she has not been shown at any other UK show

so she has become a UK champion solely on the strength

of her wins at Crufts. Additionally in 2009 she was BOB and G4

and this year she was also BOB and G4 in the Toy Group. 

Her sire, DK/S/KLB Ch Finch’s Ovations For Me, also owned

by Mrs Jacobsen, was the BOB and popular Toy Group winner

in 2006. All wonderful achievements. I am not aware of any

other dog, of any breed, that has become a UK champion

exclusively as a result of 3 consecutive Crufts CCs. We have

asked Simon Parsons an expert in the UK

Images: queenbeehjemmeside1.JPG

on dog show satistics and according to

his records this is a first in the UK. So more

congratulations in setting a Crufts record

Soffies Ice-T

Images: icethjemmeside.JPGCRUFTS 13/3 Reserve C.A.C

Strøby 19/3 B.O.S B.O.S. B.I.S.

D.K.K Tønder 3/4 B.O.B B.I.G 3

Hillerød 7/5 CACIB. B.O.B
qualification to cruft.

Hässleholm 22/5 CACIB. B.O.S
New INT.Champion

Valby 19/6 CACIB BOB KBH.Winner

Bornholm SHOW 2/6 BOB
Bornholm 3/6 BOB

Euro dog show 4/9 4.T.h. best Champion male
Herning d. 5/11 – CACIB – B.O.B –
DKK Breed Winner 2011

Soffies Bad Mama

Images: badmamahjemmeside.JPGCRUFTS. 13/3 2nd. Open BITCH

Handler Chris

Soffies Logo

Images: Logohjemmeside.JPG

Strøby 19/3 B.I.S Baby

D.K.K Tønder 3/4 B.I.S Baby 4

Vejen 28/5 B.I.S Puppy 2

Bornholm SHOW .1. 2/6 B.I.S. Puppy 3
Bornholm SHOW .2. 2/6 B.I.S. Puppy
Grenaa 22-7 B.I.S puppy 3
Grenaa 23-7 B.I.S puppy
Grenaa 24-7 B.I.S puppy
Best Baby/Puppy of the year in KSS

Handler Chris

Soffies Happy Feet

Images: happy.JPGFredericia 13/2 Cacib B.O.S
Oldenburg Tyskland 9/4 CAC BOB
Oldenburg Tyskland 10/4 CAC
Vejen 28/5 BOB B.I.S
vejen 29/5 BOB B.I.S

Neumünster 4/6 CAC. CACIB. BOB.Neumünster Schönster Spitz. BIG.

Bremen 30/7 VHD-CAC, CAC CACIB Bob.
Schönster Spitz
Most Winning dog 3 in KSS

Congratulations Vivi and Brian

Soffies Peanut

Orrehallen 1/5 B.I.S puppy.
Kristiansand. 8/5 C.A.C B.O.S
Kristiandsand 22-7 cac bob B.I.S.
Kristiandsand 23-7 cac bob B.I.G 2
Kristiandsand 24-7 cac bob B.I.S 3

Congratulations Hilde Sørheim. NO.