Crufts 2013

Crufts 2013

Once again was it time to go to Crufts in England.
That is something that we always looks forward to.

Even more to say hello to all the pom friends that we have over there.

The ferries that we usually use was in dock in Esbjerg Harbour and didn’t sail.
Normally it only takes 2 hours but this time it took a little bit longer cause we had to go to Holland.

We left home the 6 march at 8 o’clock in the morning and drove to the ferries in Hook Von Holland.
The ferries would leave the dock at 10 o’clock in the evening and arrived in England at 6.00 o’clock in the morning the 7th march.

Our dogs are always taken this trip in with straight paws’s… Cause we had some great times together
and they love the long walks on the ferries and the streets… 🙂

The 8th march we showed our dogs – There were entered 161 pom at the show.
It went very well in the ring and our poms just loved to show them self off.

The 9th march – when the show was finished, did we took the long way back to Denmark.

At the 10th march at 8 o’clock did we arrive to our home – very tired and exhausted.

A big thanks to Louise for taking care of the dogs at home while we were at the show!

Soffie’s Call Me Sexy on the show